Business and the Voluntary Sector: Giving time, giving money, giving enough?

2 thoughts on “Business and the Voluntary Sector: Giving time, giving money, giving enough?”

  1. My project, Sector Connector, supports businesses to become involved with small, local VCS organisations in North Tyneside. One of the most striking aspects of Sector Connector is the number of sole traders, start-ups and SMEs which have enthusiastic contributors to the project. The key to understanding what works in this field, in my experience, is appreciating the diverse motivations behind business involvement in this type of activity. For newly established businesses, building a portfolio and gaining testimonials is key to successful development. Many more established businesses are also learning that the VCS is a significant marketplace and are keen to develop their offer to the sector

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for your comment, and for telling us about your work. Just for interest, Telford and Wreakin CVS also got in touch over twitter to tell me about their work: I totally agree about the need to understand business motivations, which can be massively diverse, from increasing staff satisfaction and retention to individual passions and local connections (a factor identified by DSC’s Almanac). I think increasing understanding on both sides about who organisations are, what they do and why they do it is really important to the success of this kind of project.

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